VQS in STYLECASTER's '30 Asian-American Owned Fashion Brands'

stylecaster vision quest shoes

VQS in STYLECASTER's '30 Asian-American Owned Fashion Brands'

"Slip on a pair of Vision Quest babouche shoes and believe me- you'll never look back". 

We agree!  We want you always to look forward!

I’m so proud to be included in Stylecaster's round up of Asian American owned fashion and beauty brands.  As their writer explains, "We've rounded up a comprehensive list of 30 incredible Asian- American-owned fashion and beauty brands that you can shop right now.  The inspiring founders behind these brands have beautiful stores to tell, innovative products that turn heads, and an unbreakable spirit to succeed and be seen, so matter the struggle."

The list is in alphabetical order, so you need to scroll to the end to see Vision Quest Shoes!

Stylecaster Fashion Feature Asian American owned Fashion businesses, Vision Quest Shoes Babouche Babouces


One of my favorite small business brands is also featured in their list- Covry eyewear

Covry makes the only eyeglass frames that sit high on my Asian nose bridge, and therefore don't rest on my cheekbones.  I bonded with Florence Shin, one of Covry's founders, a couple of years ago at Unique Markets in Los Angeles.  We were both vendors launching our small businesses! 

Only recently, during the pandemic, have I felt the need to get prescription eyeglasses.  All of the increased computer, device and streaming time have taken a toll.   

I chose 5 frames from Covry's website to try on at home.   When I I found the one I love, I sent the sample frames back, along with my optical prescription.  A couple weeks later and I'm wearing my first pair of prescription eyeglasses!

 Ce Ce Chin wears Covry Eyeglasses Elevated Fit

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Will the babouches fit my foot?

Will the babouches fit my foot?

Mother's Day Weekend at Unique Markets

Mother's Day Weekend at Unique Markets

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