CE CE CHIN, shoe designer

I used to wear heels, but always longed for easy to walk in, elegant footwear.  That's why I created Babos. 

I've been practicing yoga for all of my adult life (most of it in New York City).  Since moving to Southern California a few years ago, I've added more exploratory methods to my spiritual journey, including labyrinth walking and sound baths.  I designed these shoes to be the support system to guide me on this journey, and most importantly, keep me in the spirit.  

I'm learning the value of engaging both the natural and spiritual in everyday life, and I found comfort of being conscious of my everyday steps.  Essentially, I wanted to create a shoe that spoke to this idea of walking mindfully through your life.  

Founder of Babos Ce Ce Chin


Our babouche is an evolution of a traditional Moroccan slipper- into a modern sneaker with a bouncy rubber outsole. When you visit the markets in Marrakesh (or scroll on Etsy), you'll see shoes that look similar- but those will offer no support. In fact, they might even lack a clear right or left foot!

Well, we pulled the genie out of the bottle by evolving the “Aladdin” slipper- offering the tread, comfort, and overall wearability of sneakers while maintaining an elegant profile. The result is a comfortable design that has you feeling stylish, supported and most of all capable.

And, we’re taking steps toward sustainability by using leather salvaged from dead stock inventory. Furthermore, we offer replacement footbeds to prolong the life cycle of your the shoes you already own.